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New York New York

One of my favorite cities, this iconic bustling town has welcomed me several times.  As a young adult straight out of university, I had a very long extended holiday in the big apple.  My very first venture of life in a foreign big city.  This was pre life as a photographer and yet one of my very first explorations with my mothers 15 yr old (at that time) canon film camera.  First time to try the complexities of a manual camera, it was very hit and miss! The prints are tucked away in storage and I really must dig them out.  Watch this space.  Then a return with my husband, a cheeky weekend away when our girls were little - a real escape.  This time as visit to an iconic photography shop and a purchase of a few lens.  And the latest trip, with my daughters, parents and nephew and neices for my mums 70th birthday.   Each time, a new a different area explored and treasured memories made.  A city of many layers.

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